The sacred vineyards of St Wenceslas

Enjoy a sumptuous dinner in a superb setting with a glass of good wine at hand. Prague has all the elements for a long, romantic evening. The perfect place for an intimate occasion is situated among the vines on the hill of Prague Castle.


Dining at Villa Richter

The elegant summer residence Villa Richter is not hard to find as it is situated in the middle of the vineyard. Thanks to the high elevation you’ll have panoramic views of both the Old Town and Lesser Town of Prague. The ground floor of the villa is occupied by the restaurant Terra, which has a south-facing terrace. It is no coincidence that the name is the Latin word for ‘land’ – the kitchen transforms classic Czech dishes made with local ingredients to modern culinary delights. Restaurant Piano Nobile is on the first floor of the villa. Guests are seated in the tastefully furnished orangery, or, in summer, out on the terrace. Here, the chefs are inspired by the culinary traditions of the countries of the former Habsburg Monarchy. Enjoy flavours from Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, and Croatia – exclusive dishes prepared with the utmost care. Try the goulash with Svíčková steak or a hearty potato soup in a bread bowl. The wine cellar has no less than 2,500 bottles of delicious Czech and international wines.

Divine vineyards

The vineyard has 2 entrances: one is located opposite the entrance of the castle, while the other is reached from the Old Castle Steps. The history of the vines on the castle hill goes back more than a millennium. Legend has it that they were built by St Wenceslas, the patron saint of the Czechs. This man of faith had a passion for Holy Communion – he is said to have planted the vines so as to be able to prepare the sacramental wine himself. This is why Praguers also call them the ‘divine vineyards’. A thorough renovation in honour of Wenceslas’ 1,100th birthday in 2005 allowed Pinot Noir and Riesling grapes to be planted here.

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