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Promo fare From IDR 10,973,700*
Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Round trip
Promo fare From IDR 15,289,200*
Stockholm (Sweden)
Round trip
Promo fare From IDR 11,983,600*
Copenhagen (Denmark)
Round trip
Promo fare From IDR 12,788,700*
Geneva (Switzerland)
Round trip
Promo fare From IDR 22,390,200*
Helsinki (Finland)
Round trip

North America

From IDR 19,093,500*
New York (United States)
Round trip
From IDR 15,421,300*
Los Angeles (United States)
Round trip
From IDR 18,935,100*
Toronto (Canada)
Round trip
From IDR 25,511,000*
Montreal (Canada)
Round trip


From IDR 1,385,400*
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

South America

From IDR 40,364,500*
Bogota (Colombia)
Round trip
From IDR 28,101,000*
Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Round trip
From IDR 40,252,100*
Lima (Peru)
Round trip
From IDR 41,380,600*
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Round trip


From IDR 41,535,100*
Havana (Cuba)
Round trip

Central America

From IDR 25,662,700*
Mexico City (Mexico)
Round trip


From IDR 13,967,300*
Paris (France)
Round trip

*All amounts are in IDR. Taxes and surcharges are included. No booking fee is applicable. Prices shown may vary depending on fare availability.